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OACEUS stands at the forefront of digital wellness, offering a transformative approach to self-care through our signature 360° Wellness Plan. This plan not only addresses healthcare but also provides solutions to financial management challenges pervasive in today's marketplace.

Our dedicated team is adept in the Wellness Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement (WIMPER) program. Through strategic use of tax codes, we seamlessly integrate the 360° Wellness Plan, ensuring zero net out-of-pocket expenses for both employers and employees.

Employee Wellness Benefits & App

360° Wellness Plan


We offer top-notch healthcare resources, preventive measures, and fitness programs for employee well-being.


We prioritize mental health, offering resources & support for stress management and resilience.


Combat financial stress with OACEUS's expert solutions for financial empowerment and a secure future.


It can be intimidating when you're unsure of how to begin, but having someone to offer assistance can alleviate those fears.

360° Wellness Plan

Employer & Employee Benefits

No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Potential savings for employers, including a 15-30% discount for healthier, more productive employees and no out-of-pocket cost for the 360 Wellness Plan.


The 360 Wellness Plan leads to improved employee health and well-being, with healthier employees proving to be more focused, energetic, and productive.

Universal Life Insurance Premium

A Universal Life Insurance Policy provides a financial safety net for employees' loved ones, with the potential for cash value growth and tax advantages.

Benefits Generated

$25k - 150k of guaranteed issue permanent life insurance. Living benefits (heart attack, cancer, stroke)

Worker’s Compensation Premium Savings

The plan can reduce workers' compensation claims by preventing injuries and promoting overall health and well-being. This includes educating employees on proper body mechanics, ergonomics, and safe work practices.

Potential FICA / FUTA Tax Savings

Up to $1,000 per full-time employee per year

A win / win strategy for employers and employees

Unlock the Power of Your Wellness Plan

Premium Discounts and Cost Reduction

The Affordable Care Act creates new incentives to promote employer wellness programs to support healthier workplaces and deliver deep discounts.

Better Benefits at No Additional Cost

Our robust program allows you to obtain significantly better benefits for your employees with no additional cost to you or them.

Improved Employee Benefit Package

The 360° Wellness Plan benefits covers over 40 categories of care within physical health, mental health, financial, and wellness assistance.

Risk Management Tools & Resources

Recognized by multiple A+ Worker's Compensation Carriers and has been proven to lower risk classifications and improve claim submissions.

Participatory Wellness Programs

Approved by Government Organizations

The Affordable Care Act

Department of Health and Human Services

The U.S. Treasury

The Department of Labor

The Affordable Care Act creates new incentives and builds on existing wellness program policies to promote employer wellness programs and encourage opportunities to support healthier workplaces.

The Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Labor and the Treasury are jointly releasing proposed rules on wellness programs to reflect the changes to existing wellness provisions made by the Affordable Care Act and to encourage appropriately designed, consumer-protective wellness programs in group health coverage.

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Lower Cost, Mitigate Risk.

Save 25-50% on Workers Comp Costs

Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk on Workers Comp, Premium and Claims.

Premium Discounts and Cost Reduction

Better Benefits at No Additional Cost

Improved Employee Benefit Package

Incentivized Risk Management Tools

Wholesale Commission Model

Comprehensive Claims Management

No Fees. No Credit Check. No Risk.

Correct Risk Class

Fully Insured or Self Insured

Comprehensive Market Shopping

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