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Oaceus Health Plan Overview

Oaceus Health Program Overview

Truly Affordable Primary Care

Oaceus Health provides affordable Direct Primary Care Plus Programs, emphasizing your well-being through unlimited primary care, a robust pharmacy, and mental wellness programs. We prioritize making healthcare accessible and financially manageable, ensuring peace of mind with a focus on preventative care

Group Health Plan

Oaceus Health Benefits

Primary Care

Unlimited doctor visits, urgent care visits, annual physical, & nationwide coverage.


Emergency room, maternity, surgical, specialist, & catastrophic care with no annual max.


International pharmacy with over 200 medications under $1.00. Home delivery available.

Laboratory services

This is a value-added health benefit that can help save you money on outpatient laboratory testing.

Hospital bill elimination

Based on the Affordable Care Act. 100 million Americans qualify for free or discounted care, yet few know about it.

Mental Health

A behavioral health solution that covers you for most unexpected behavioral issues.


Vision Savings Pass offers immediate savings on eye care, eyewear, & laser correction.


Access to over 160,000 dentists across the US. Unlimited benefits with average savings of 50%.

The care you need at a price you can afford

Individuals & Families

Are you on a high deductible insurance plan?

No Insurance offered at your job? Are you a contract labor employee? Do you make too much money for government healthcare subsidies? Oaceus Health will help you get the care you need.

Oaceus Health offers individuals and families great options to find the benefits they need. All our options are available nationwide and don’t require a social security number to enroll or use.

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Great Benefits for you and your employees

Employer Benefits

Take care of your employees without breaking the bank

We know you care about your employees or you wouldn't be reading this far on our site. Like many business owners, you have tried to get benefits for your team but it was out of your budget and theirs. The Ideal Health benefits program costs a fraction of other plans and provides your team with a great benefits package they need.

Contact us today and schedule a presentation to learn about our special pricing for employers and get your team enrolled on right away.

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Provide low cost coverage for uninsured employees

Providing benefits for part-time workers or low wage earners is not always feasible due to cost. Ideal Health allows you to provide a low cost option that provides excellent benefits.

High Deductible Plan Augmentation

Allows employees on High Deductible health plans to get Primary Care, Pharmacy and Mental Health benefits before meeting their deductible

Utilization Control

Reduces the claims for regular doctors visits, urgent care, pharmacy, mental health, dental, when used instead of their current health plan

Attract and Retain Employees

Employee turnover is expensive and time consuming. Offering employees an affordable benefits package is proven to greatly reduce employee turnover and attracts high quality employees.

1099 and Contract Labor Workers

Ideal Health allows you to offer a benefits package to your contract employees. You can choose if you want to contribute or simply provide payroll deduction services.

No Social Security Number Needed

Benefits are available for employees and families without a Social Security Number.

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