How it works?

Using executive bonuses to fund a tax-advantaged plan can be a smart way to provide additional benefits to executives while also gaining some tax advantages for the company.

Executive Bonus Plan (Section 162 Bonus Plan) is a simple way for businesses to provide additional compensation to key employees or executives. The business provides a bonus which the executive can use to pay the premiums on a life insurance policy. The premiums are deductible to the company as a business expense.

A valuable incentive to key employees

Unlock the Power of your
Executive Bonus Plan

A mutually beneficial financial strategy:

Section 162 Executive Bonus Plans offer a valuable incentive to key employees by funding an IUL policy. An Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy not only provides a death benefit, but also potential cash value growth linked to a stock market index, without direct market participation.

This allows beneficiaries to enjoy potential market-linked gains while being protected from downturns. Employers can deduct these premium payments as a business expense, and employees receive a valuable life insurance policy with tax-advantaged growth potential. The combination of Section 162 and IUL offers both companies and their key personnel a mutually beneficial financial strategy.

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The distinctive advantage

A Premier Financial Strategy

Unlock the power of an Executive Bonus Split Dollar Plan with Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance.

This premier strategy fuses the tax-efficiency and flexibility of bonus arrangements with the growth potential of IUL, offering key employees a distinctive advantage.

It not only provides essential death benefit protection but also an opportunity for cash value accumulation linked to market performance. Dive into this dynamic combination to elevate your executive compensation packages, retain top talent, and optimize financial outcomes for both businesses and employees."

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Executive Bonus Plan

Employee Benefits

Tax Advantages

Earnings grow tax-deferred within the policy. Additionally, funds can be withdrawn tax-free up to the amount of premiums paid, and loans can be taken against the cash value tax-free.

Supplemental Retirement Income

The cash value in the IUL can be used as a source of supplemental retirement income, which can be beneficial for executives.

Downside Protection

IULs typically have a floor, which means even if the market performs negatively, the cash value won't decrease due to market loss.

Flexible Premiums

Unlike whole life insurance, IULs often allow flexible premium payments.

Executive Bonus Plan

Employer Benefits

Financial Security

Provides financial protection against the unexpected loss of a key individual, helping the company stay afloat during a transition.

Business Continuity

The sudden loss of a key person can disrupt business operations. Funds from the plan can be used to find or train a replacement, ensuring that the business continues running smoothly.

Credibility with Stakeholders

Having a key person plan can reassure stakeholders, creditors, and investors that the business is prepared for unforeseen events and is committed to long-term viability.

Compensation for Losses

If a key individual contributes significantly to the company's revenue, their absence could lead to financial setbacks. A key person plan can compensate for this loss.

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