Save 25-50% on Workers Comp Costs

Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk on Workers Comp, Premium and Claims.

  • Premium Discounts and Cost Reduction
  • Better Benefits at No Additional Cost
  • Improved Employee Benefit Package
  • Incentivized Risk Management Tools
  • Wholesale Commission Model
  • Comprehensive Claims Management
  • No Fees. No Credit Check. No Risk.
  • Correct Risk Class
  • Fully Insured or Self Insured
  • Comprehensive Market Shopping
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Primary Benefits

Premium Discounts and Cost Reduction

The Affordable Care Act creates new incentives to promote employer wellness programs to support healthier workplaces and deliver deep discounts

Better Benefits at No Additional Cost

Our robust program allows you to obtain significantly better benefits for your employees with no additional cost to you or them.

Improved Employee Benefit Package

The 360 Wellness Plan benefits covers over 40 categories of care within physical health, mental health, financial, and wellness assistance.

Risk Management Tools & Resources

Recognized by multiple A+ Worker's Compensation Carriers and has been proven to lower risk classifications and improve claim submissions.

How It Works

Reduced Commissions

Wholesale pricing produces lower costs in worker's compensation premium. It's that simple.

Proper Risk Classification

Reclassification is accomplished by improving the Experience Modification Rating (EMR/XMod). This is accomplished through proper Risk Management Resources.

Risk Management Resources

By providing wellness resources, that are at no-out-of-pocket cost, create incentivized participation, which will improve overall health and wellness of the employee. Providing cash and care reducing the risk of claims.

Carrier Discounts with Approved Benefits

If the overall risk in the workplace is minimized the premium of worker's compensation insurance you pay will be lower.

The Savings

Key Differences Savings
Reduced Commissions $88,341
Proper Risk Classification $ 73,611
Risk Management Carrier Discounts $ 120,524
PWP FICA Tax Savings $ 550,000

XYZ Manufacturing, CA (1,000 Employees) Example:

  • Fully Insured Worker's Comp
  • Current Annual Premium: $1,205,241
  • No Claims past 5 years

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